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Review - Fly Trap Holder

November 1st, 2018

If you’re anything like myself and spend a lot of time on the water tossing flies, you’ll understand the struggle of having to dig through your fly boxes for that perfect fly or searching for your spools of tippet….

Well not anymore with Fly Trap Holder!


Available in 2 sizes, (XSM and XLT) The XLT Pro Series easily and simply holds up to 8 spools of tippet, a handful of your selected flies, as well as your must have fishing accessories such as your nippers, floatant, forceps, leader straightener, ect! The XSM Minimalist Series holds up to 4 spools of tippet, your must have accessories and up to a dozen of your favourite flies.

Made from a durable plastic paired with a silicon rubber “cylinder” to hold your flies in place, the Fly Trap Holder has built in clips and connectors that will easily attach to your shirt, waders, or backpack to name a few. It was designed  so that if you’d rather not hang tippet on your Fly Trap, you can add another Fly Trap Cylinder and hold double the amount of flies! (They claim it can hold up to 2 dozen flies per cylinder, but unless you are fishing micro flies such as chironomids, I feel that you could more realistically hold 10-15 flies per cylinder)


I have been using this Fly Trap Holder kindly provided by the awesome guys over at Eddy Outfitters for the past two months now. It has been with me on trips to Fernie targeting the native Westslope Cutthroat, and up north to Prince George and beyond targeting monster bull trout. It has yet to show any major signs of wear or failure. The rubber “cylinders” still have tons of life left in them compared to your traditional foam or Velcro fly holders that tend to wear out fairly quickly and i have not had a fly unhook itself from the holder! 

All in all, for a budget friendly price of $19.99 for the XLT Pro Series, or $18.99 for the XSM Minimalist Series, I feel that this product has improved my fishing experience on the water and often don’t bother bringing an extra bag anymore because all the necessary gear I need is right there hooked to my shirt or waders!


Christmas is right around the corner and this would be an amazing budget friendly gift for any fisherman on your list!

Head over to EDDYOUTFITTERS.CA and check out their massive range of hand tied flies, loaded fly boxes and be sure to pick yourself up a fly trap holder for your next outing!

They even have a “loaded” option with 6 flies to pair your fly trap holder that suits your needs and fish you are targeting starting at as low as $25.99 for the XSM and $29.99 for the XLT version

The best part of all is that they’re Canadian and offer free shipping over $50!

And to sweeten the deal even more use promo code GEOFF20 for an extra 20% off any order at Eddy Outfitters!