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APEMAN H70 Trail Cam - First Impressions

January 24th, 2020

The guys over at Apeman kindly send over their H70 Trail Camera for me to test out and review.

At first glance, this camera claims to feature 20MP photo resolution (Interpolated from 5MP Sensor), 1080p Video, 40 IR Low Glow LEDs for night vision up to 65 feet, a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds and a 2inch colour LCD screen. 


Inside the box it includes: 

1x Camera

1x Mounting Belt 

1x Wall Mount

1x USB Cable

1x Instruction Manual

The camera itself feels well made, features a nice camouflage exterior that should make it easy to blend in with the costal rainforest in British Columbia. It requires 8x 1.5V AA Batteries as well as a Class 6 or faster SD/SDHC Card (up to 32GB capacity) which are unfortunately not included. It appears that it should hold up to some abuse and bad weather with its IP66 waterproof rating and rugged build. Setup was fairly straight forward with the 2inch LCD display and illuminated buttons.


The included strap feels fairly cheap, but should be fine for most. I typically don’t use the included straps regardless of the quality with any of my trail cams as I find a solid coloured strap around a tree makes it extreamly obvious to spot and just stands out too much. i prefer to use bailing wire as it blends in very nicely and is virtually invisible once around the tree. The included metal wall mount should work great if you plan on mounting the camera to your house for home security. 


I am excited to get this camera out mounted in the woods, to put it through its true test in the wet & harsh weather we have been experiencing and hopefully capture some great wildlife images and videos while its out. I will be posting a more detailed review after a few weeks of this camera being in use and will let you all know how its held up as well as my likes and dislikes on this product!